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Posted by Brent Fox on September 29th, 2012 at 6:06 pm

My Tech Support students wanted to offer online support to the other students at our school. The main problem with this is that they are in other classes most of the day, so they cannot offer live support at anytime. We looked into live support chat plugins but that presents the same problem – they can’t watch a live chat feed all day when they have class. Also, I was frustrated by the pricing structures of all the live chat plugins. Enter Acobot.

Acobot is a robot agent that you train to answer question they way you would. At first the robot can only really have small talk, but through training of specific answers, Acobot becomes much smarter. Now all my students have to do is check recent chats and help Acoobot with answers that could have been better.

I also like the linking feature, if a question calls for it, you can provide a link that Acobot sends to the user. If its on your site, its a seamless transition as if someone was pointing you to information.

Its not perfect, but Acobot is definitely impressive, especially at the price of free for non-profits.