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More Branding

Posted by Brent Fox on August 14th, 2011 at 2:23 am

Munster Church has asked me to draw up a few designs to their upcoming sign, letterhead, T-shirts, bookmarks, and more. Of course I happy to work with logo some more because it gives me more experience making a brand versatile. The original logo is very ‘boxy’, so making it fit various different shapes, sizes, and layouts is challenging and fun.

Attached is a picture of the proposed new letterhead for Munster Church. I have already submitted a design for their new sign, and will next be working on envelope designs. It has also been fun working with the video production crew to get the logo branded into PowerPoint presentations during church services in an interesting and effective way.

I also received video footage from the Youth Group leader and will be putting together a video montage of their trip to Colorado. I will post that when it is finished.