Colorado Challenge 2011

DEW Video 2011

Munster Church DEW

After receiving the video footage and pictures images recently, I sat down to complete what has basically become an annual video for the Munster Church High School youth group: DEW. DEW takes trips, some mission related and some spiritual related trips. Colorado Challenge takes an interesting approach to the spiritual convention. They complete praise and worship segments, but mostly they just provide these high schoolers time to enjoy fellowship with each other in the Colorado mountains. They believe this will open the door for strengthening the student’s relationship with God.

Being in the Colorado mountains also provides me with some interesting footage. Rock climbing, repelling, rafting, mountain biking, swimming, and more fill the several hours of tape. Because my mother is still the leader of DEW, I also receive plenty of shaking cameras and 20 minute clips of “oops-I-didn’t-know-the-camera-was-still-on”. It happens.

I again used Magix Deluxe to edit this video. I find it to be very easy to edit together quick clips into a music video type format. I do now have Final Cut, but creating this many special effects would take vastly more time. With Magix, I take a clip, change its speed, and add effects in less than a minute. I think the whole process for this video editing project took around 15 hours. That close to about 2 hours per every minute of final footage.

Someday I would like to attend one of these trips so I can video my own clips. I think that would make a big difference, especially as I would know beforehand what clips I like.