Updating from Dreamweaver to Wordpress

Hammond Academy

Hammond Academy of Science and Technology

Full Disclosure, I work for Hammond Academy of Science Technology. That being said, I am very proud of this website and especially of its improvements from the previous versions.

The new hammondacademy.org is built on WordPress. Its blog features allow teachers and administrators to make announcements and blog posts quickly and easily. The staff biographies and school directory make it easy for parents to learn about and contact staff members. Counselors can update the full curriculum directory and the special education department and curriculum director can easily control information that is distributed online.

By using the Weaver II theme, I was able to optimize the entire site for mobile devices which was very important because we are migrating to 1:1 iPads this year. Youtube embedding is simple and will be heavily used as student projects are published online.

I created the HAST site as a network of sites so that teachers could control their own versions of grade level sites. Each grade shares a few templated items to provide a consistent feel for parents and students. Teachers, however, have full control over their sites and can add all of the same features that I have included in the main site. As a member of the IT staff at HAST, I was also sure to add a tech support page that will feature tech support ticket submission and a live chat support with me (when I’m available).

Again, I am very proud and excited by the updated hammondacademy.org. The ability for staff members to contribute will bring the site life it hasn’t seen before and I can’t wait to see it grow!