A new logo to start a new wave.

Munster CRC Logo

Munster Church

I have attended Munster Church my whole life. We have never really had a logo, unless you count Times New Roman. I offered to make a photo directory for the church (a project I am working on currently) and also suggested that this was the time for a new logo. This new logo went through several iterations and peer reviews. I had many graphic design artists critique it and also showed to our congregation. I am thrilled now that is complete with the many uses our logo will see. Letterhead, websites, powerpoints, pamphlets, and a new sign is just the beginning.

The basic design was born out of an attempt to capture the energy and family feeling of the church while also encouraging diversity while centering everything around Christ. Maybe that is too much to focus on while designing a logo, but it was all on our minds as we drew and redrew drafts. The final art is primarily handdrawn. I then scanned it, tweaked it in Photoshop and converted it into a vector based image for Illustrator.