How we DEW it!

Tohatchi, NM

Munster Church

The Munster Church High School youth group, DEW, has been taking trips for years. These trips are either to serve or to grow spiritually as an individual. No matter the place or the reason, these trips are always fun! My mother has been the DEW youth leader for years and although filming isn’t her gift, she always gives it her best. I take the footage from the trip and edit it into a high energy music video (working around the 10 minute clips where she films the lawn).

This is DEW most recent video where they went to Tohatchi, NM. I have been making these videos for several years and I always wonder how I will make them unique and fun. God always finds a way to make each video unique and special. This video has a set of clips where the girls from the trip painted the nursery of a Native American. She was so touched by the act of kindness from the youth and it was really evident during a powerful point in the video.