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WP Plugin: Timely

Posted by Brent Fox on September 15th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Google calendar has been my favorite way of organizing my life for a long, long time. But Timely, takes events and spins them out in a radical new way. I can sync with any calendar that has a .ics format (yes that includes Google Cal) or I can make my own events.

Creating events in Timely is where the strength of the plugin really shows, I can add extra text and pictures which will display beautifully in the Posterboard view Timely has designed. Of course the regular event details are there as well.

Timely has multiple different viewing features that I appreciate. The Month view takes the full width of the WordPress page which Google Calendar embedding cannot. The Posterboard view (my favorite) staggers events out and shows extra details that have been added. Agenda works as expected, but is also offered as a widget so you can display it on the sidebar.

Categories and Tagging allow you to add coloring and filtering to the calendar. Users can filter out specific categories or tags to view just what they need. Finally, users can subscribe to the whole calendar, events, or filtered calendars. They can add what they like to their favorite calendar program.

Timely is growing quickly and adding new features (did I mention I love the Posterboard view?) all the time. Check it out for yourself!